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Hair Transplantation is also called Hair restoration procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to restore lost hair on the scalp or bald scalp/ head.

Where do we obtain the hair roots to transplant on the bald scalp?

Obviously from your own scalp, on the back technically called Occipital region, is an area on the back of the scalp between the ears.  It is also called donor area as the term itself explanatory as it donates hair for implanting on the front or crown area of head.

What are the other donor areas, May be I can use your beard hair to implant on the bald area. Others body, armpits, pubic areas, have hair but we don’t use it because I doubt their growth rate and quality.

If you ask me, does my scalp accept the hair from other individual’s scalp?  My answer is NO. Hairfollicle is a group of cells and body will not accept unless until there is an exact genetic compatibility between donor and receptor. So if you have an identical twin he can donate his hair grafts for transplanting on your bald head, but this situation is not likely because there is prettyprobabilitythat your twin brother is also bald.

What is the philosophy behind using hair from the back of the scalp in hair transplantation?

Baldness is commonly in the front, sides, topand crown region but very less on the back. Now you start observing middle and old age men head they invariably have hair on the back between ears. This hair is resistant to testosterone so it won’t fall, so we harvest these roots and implant on the bald areas.


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Contours Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad have an ultra contemporary hair transplantation clinic in Hyderabad with sophisticated devices operated by reliable group of extremely qualified as well as skillful Hair transplant doctors, giving state of the art Hair transplantation surgery. As a team, we have actually executed more surgical and also non-surgical hair transplant procedures for men and women with hair loss than any sort of other hair loss treatment groups in the world. Our caring and discreet hair loss counseling offers man and female customers with the ability to make a totally notified choice on which hair loss treatment choices are ideal for their particular hair loss problem. You can now live life the means you desire, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious, and with a complete, attractive, glamorous hair once again. Contours Hair Transplantation distinct blend of modern technology and superior client service has seen us grow into one of the largest Hair Transplant Center in Hyderabad .

Hair transplantation is a minimally intrusive surgical approach of uprooting Hair from the Donor region (Generally from the rear end of the head, which is not affected by hair thinning) and also implanting them in the bald spot. While there is substantial controversy on the triggers of alopecia or Male pattern hair loss, a few argue that hair loss may be due to a great deal of causes consisting of inheritance (genetic), poor nutrition, stress, pollution and other life style concerns. Hair is most substantial quality of our personality. At same time as solution of hair-loss and also baldness, present day Hair transplant have actually become the most effective and long-term solution to the same.


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hair transplant surseon in hyderabad

Dr Venkata Ramana is a certified Plastic & cosmetic Surgeon in Hyderabad with over ten years of experience in Hair transplantation


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Countours Hair transplant Clinic in Hyderabad is one of the best Hair transplant centers in Hyderabad owned and maintained by a certified Hair Transplant Surgeon having over 10 years of experience with plastic and plastic surgery procedures.